Eden Bonito Fish Flakes

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Traditional Japanese Production and Quality.

About 500 years ago it was discovered that proper drying could preserve bonito so that it could be stored indefinitely in a cool, dry, and dark environment. Eden Bonito Flakes still employ this ancient manner of careful preparation. First the best quality bonito fillets are steamed and hung outside in the shade to air dry. The fillets are then brought inside and stored in a dark room. They are removed and placed outside to dry again. The storing and drying process is repeated three times. When completely dry, the fillets become hard and resemble hard wood. To produce bonito flakes, or 'katsuo boshi', the hard fillets are shaved over a knifed box that looks much like a carpenter's plane. Shaving the bonito produces long, pinkish tan curls or flakes.

Made from the best quality skipjack tuna fillets – or 'katsuo', is of sashimi quality. Many commercial producers sell bonito flakes made from bullet mackerel or bullet tuna called 'soda katsuo'.

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