The Secret Garden Wild Rice Cauliflower Soup 6 oz

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Elegant simplicity describes this soup. Freeze-dried cauliflower florets and Minnesota wild rice in a savory broth. Before serving, stir in 4 oz. of shredded cheddar cheese. You'll scrape the pot to get every last drop. 

Cook time 2 hours on the stove, or all day in a slow cooker. Makes approximately 2 quarts. 

Cultivated wild rice, broth (dehydrated onion, potato flour, barley malt, hydrolyzed corn and soy protein, salt, potato starch, autolyzed yeast extract, garlic, spices, natural flavors), onion, broth (maltodextrin, sea salt, autolyzed yeast extract,  natural flavor, onion, celery, parsley, spinach, garlic, carrot, potato flour, soybean oil, spices, extractive of spices, lecithin), soy flour, carrot, mushrooms, green peppers, leek, celery, tomato.

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